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Three problems are usually encountered when classic roller blinds are attached to a moving window frame:

  • The blinds make it impossible to open the window to the maximum
  • A see-through slot remains between the sides of the window cover and the window frame
  • The cover keeps moving when the window is opened

These problems will not be encountered with RUP, roller blinds for glass unit windows which can be attached to the window frame and function thanks to a chain mechanism. The roller blind model RUP is a practical and decorative window cover, perfect for protecting you from direct sunlight and adding an interesting element to the interior design of the room. As the roller blinds are attached directly on the window frame, they are nearly never noticed and form a unified whole with the window. It is thanks to its inconspicuousness and discretion that these kinds of roller blinds are best suited to be used with airier textile curtains. Such a combination will in turn form a whole – the blinds cover the window and the soft curtains adorn the room.


In the case of the glass unit window blinds’ model RUP, the chain-operated mechanism with the rolled-up fabric is hidden by a half-box. In addition to half-boxes, side beadings will be used so that the fabric will stay put in a draught when the window is opened. Thanks to its compact construction and the small size of the protruding elements, the window can generally be opened easily without the action being hindered by the roller blinds. If room darkening fabric is used, the resulting window cover will be non-transparent and the room will become almost completely dark. The RUP roller blinds are especially suitable for bedrooms. The blinds are guided by a chain. The box and side beadings of the blinds are made of plastic and come in white or brown. Thanks to our wide selection of fabrics, the blinds can be used to maximum effect in various interior designs.
The minimum width of the blinds is 200 mm, maximum width 1,600 mm and maximum height 2,200 mm. The blinds will be made according to the measurements provided by the client.



As a special solution to classic aluminium venetian blinds, our range of venetian blinds includes the model STYLE. It has been created especially to be fitted to plastic windows (and other single-frame glass unit windows) and is perfectly compatible with the frame. The result will look apt and aesthetical, with unnoticeable connections. Since the venetian blinds do not protrude much from the window frame, the STYLE model is especially suitable to be fitted to windows or balcony doors that open towards the room. The window or door can be opened fully without damaging the blinds or the window reveals.


The STYLE model consists of classic cord-and-rod operated aluminium venetian blinds, equipped with special plastic mounting brackets along with powder-coated aluminium valance and side profiles. AS Sunorek makes the STYLE venetian blinds with 16/25 mm slats made of aluminium or wood. The aluminium slats are 0.21 mm thick and finished with unleaded baked enamel. The anti-static finish reduces the amount of dust collected on the slats. The moving components used in the blinds are made of high-quality galvanized steel or plastic, ensuring trouble-free and noiseless movement and a long working life. If side rails and PRIVATE technology are used at the same time, the venetian blinds become non-transparent. In the case of windows that open into the ventilation position from the top, the STYLE venetian blinds are installed with lateral guiding cables, which keep the blinds from moving away from the window or swinging. The plastic mounting brackets, valance and side rails of the STYLE venetian blinds are white. The minimum width of the blinds is 220 mm, maximum width 2,300 mm, maximum height 2,500 mm. Made according to the measurements provided by the client.