Insects can ruin even the most beautiful summer. It is a wonderfully warm and sunny day, an open window lets in a cooling breeze and there they come. Have you made jam and been bothered by wasps? Have you been woken in the middle of the night by annoying mosquitoes? There should be no need for us to hide behind closed doors! Choose the alternative – window and door covers made of insect-proof screens.

The insect-proof screen is an efficient, elegant and economically friendly product. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The netting is made of PVC-coated glass fibre. Thanks to the glass fibre in the material, the insect-proof screen can also be fitted outdoors. The netting cannot be damaged by water, corrosion, oil or water. The tensile strength of the material is such that it can withstand the weight of 1.5 kg. That means that the netting will stay intact if our pets (cats, dogs) should happen to run through the "closed" window. The net is light grey and remains almost invisible to the naked eye when installed in front of a window.

The insect-proof screen lets light and air enter the room freely.

A fixed net can be installed on a frame. They allow you to install the netting easily in springtime and remove it again once autumn arrives. The frame for the netting has been made of durable painted aluminium. The mechanisms come in white, brown or golden oak. Maximum width 2,200 mm, maximum height 2,200 mm, maximum surface area 2.5 m2.