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Our new product - Alphaline 90!


Alphaline windows are noted for their elegant design and excellent characteristics of thermal insulation. If you are building a new house or renovating an old one with a view to cutting heating costs, these are the windows for you. Today’s decision to choose Alphaline windows will ensure you years full of satisfaction – with the ever increasing energy prices, these windows will help you cut costs.

The window system with 6 chambers and a frame thickness of 90 mm alongside with the threefold glass unit enable to achieve the U value of 0.8 W/m2K for your window. To achieve a better insulation, a special-purpose insulating neopor filling can be installed in the chambers of the frame profiles. The frame profiles are available in an excellent range of colours.

The glass packages of Alphaline windows are usually threefold and come with two selective glasses and argon filling. The possible thickness of the glass package - 48 mm (in some exceptional cases even 52 mm) is equally impressive.

The openable windows have three replaceable impact seals that also help increase the thermal insulation of the windows. Visible seals are available upon order in black as well as grey.

Aside from standard items, Koduaken offers novel window hardware with hidden hinges.


Koduaken`s 13th birthday!


Koduaken has 13th birthday! In this case we have special prices and many surprises!. Read more from here!