VEKA AG is one of the leading PVC window-systems producer who uses modern tehnology for basic materials preparation and profile producing. With this is insured window durability and high quality. Lock stock and barrel VEKA AG products have ISO9001 quality certification.


VBH AS is a window- and doorsupplies experttrademark. VBH Estonia AS started in 1993 selling door locks and closers, today represents this company almost 70 acquirers with more than 9000 products. Since 2000 VBH Estonia is a part of the worldwide company VBH Holding AG, which ownes representative offices and warehouses in more than 40 countries with over 3000 employees.


ROTO is today a worldwide leader for turning-staggered expandable windows designed multiplew-items bolt technology. Roto producingfactories, companies and tradeagencies are nowadays in all world important centers. Koduaken uses Roto bolts in producing windows and doors.


EHITAJAWEB OÜ is a web-based building portal, which assembles all related to building to one place. Koduaken is one of the Ehitajaweb partners as well.