PVC fönster, dörrar


Softline 70


The Veka SL-70 profile system is ushering in a new era in window design. It is the first choice for the people who prefer to see individual and interesting solutions in a building’s facade.

The SL-70 is characterised by the quality construction of the profile system, whose 70 mm diameter and five-chamber construction help decrease heating costs and muffle outside noise. The extra chambers equip the profile with stability and durability, meaning greater possibilities in the construction of non-standard windows. Should you require changing the glass units of the windows, it can be done effortlessly.

The clients can choose from 36 different colours in addition to the classic white profile. You can also have the profile covered in wood imitation, giving the windows the appearance of real timber while retaining the user-friendly characteristics of plastic windows.

The inner and outer surfaces of the window (the frame and the jamb) can be of completely different shades. The colour selection for frames is available at http://koduaken.ee/et/241/värvitoonid.

Standard version of sealed glazing unit: double selective glass (heat-reflecting); strip width 16mm; sealed glazing unit thickness 24mm; thickness of one pane of glass 4mm.

According to the client’s wishes, decorative strips can be glued on glass units. They make the window look more fascinating and give a striking look to the facade of the building (if there are no restrictions to making changes to the facade).

All our tilt-and-turn windows include micro ventilation and safety hardware. It is also possible to install locking handles on the windows, should the need arise. Considering the client’s interests, non-standard windows of special shapes can be made to order.


Softline 82

With heating costs on the rise, house owners are increasingly looking for energy-saving solutions. Modern UPVC windows based on our new SOFTLINE 82 profile system can improve the energy efficiency of any building while offering ultimate comfort. The 82 mm installation depth, multi-chamber thermal insulation and advanced sealing have a tremendous impact on energy consumption – and make your house a great place to live in any season. With wall thicknesses conforming to the highest German standard (RAL Class A), SOFTLINE 82 combines excellent thermal properties with extreme durability and safety. Its timeless design fits all architectural styles, from state-of-the-art new constructions to refurbished old buildings.

Slim design, unique thermal performance

Even in very large windows, SOFTLINE 82 combines slender visible surfaces and excellent cost-efficiency. The system’s extraordinary rigidity and thermal insulation make it the perfect choice for realising modern designs with large glazed areas that are also highly energy-efficient. This applies to new buildings as well as sophisticated refurbishment projects. Available in a wide variety of colours and shapes, SOFTLINE 82 gives architects all the possibilities they wish for.

Stability and thermal insulation

SOFTLINE 82 satisfies the most demanding safety, insulation and functional requirements. Its thermally enhanced profile geometry makes it extremely effective as a heat barrier. Add to that the proven VEKA build quality with wall thicknesses conforming to RAL Class A, and you have all the stability and innovation you need – making SOFTLINE 82 ideal for creating large, floor-to-ceiling solutions that meet the highest structural demands.





Window, which is expandable, is standardly endowed with 2-point safety. If window is in a open position, then safety-bolt is not activated. We suggest to close Your window entirely if You leave home.



It is possible to open window ~10mm to assure minimal air-condition in the room. Can be left unattended. Microventilation is possible to get for all turning-staggered window parts.



Window opens up for ventilation 100-200mm dependent on window size.



Window opens on one side. Avoid opening acting-out and leaving unattended, because with wind-gust it can broken Your window.